Our mission is to help you transition from job to successful entrepreneur/business owner.  

Many people have found themselves in a tough situation where they have been laid off, downsized, or fired.

You had a successful career, but now you are faced with starting over.  Quality jobs are tough to find and if you are over 55 it may be impossible.

Looking for a job may be the wrong choice.  We can help you live your dream of having your own business.  If you donʻt know where to start, we can help you find your niche market and start a business that is right for you.

YNot Austin Inc. is the big dream of Anthony Tony Austin. One of  Anthonyʻs first business experience was helping a friend start a automatic laundry business.  The handshake deal made with Anthony, was to work for the laundry startup to make it profitable,  then they would help Anthony start a business that was Anthonyʻs big dream.  When the time came, Anthony’s friend and employer of the laundry business did not fullfill their handshake deal with Anthony.

Within the next week Anthony quit his job at the laundry facility and recieved his first start up grant; he had been applying for, and his bicycle rental business took off on the beautiful island of Oahu,  Hawaii.

Anthonyʻs big dream is to help others fulfill their dreams.  He has learned from his own startups and has supplemented his experience with a education in business.  He knows what it takes to start a business and has assembled a team of experts who will help you from startup to successful entrepreneur/business owner.

The process is simple.  Just fill out this form and YNot Austin Inc. will help you develop your business plan and put it into action.  We ask two questions:

  1. What is your vision?  What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years.
  2. Define your mission.  How will your vision help others solve their problems.

YNot Austin Inc. will help you define your goals, set your objectives and develop implementation strategies.

Click here to get started.  (just send us a message with some information and we’ll get back in touch with you)

Why not employ YNot Austin Inc.. as a team, to help you with the organizational details, to make you new business, successful.

The YNot team can help you determine:

  1. How to organize and register your business.
  2. Develop the business plans, Human Resources Manuals, Training Plans, Safety Plans and all the numerous documents necessary to run a successful business.
  3. Set up the accounting system
  4. Find the real estate needed by the business.
  5. Manage your business risk.
  6. Manage your payroll.
  7. Identify what grants and funding sources are available and help you write to proposals necessary to apply for grants and funding.
  8. Develop the marketing plan you need to create the strong customer relationships every business needs.
In short, YNot Austin Inc. has assembled a team of experts that provide the comprehensive business services every new business needs.